MQG Fröhlichgasse

MQG Fröhlichgasse- design of traffic management phases, temporary push button system and full traffic light signal system.

MQG Fröhlichgasse Projektentwicklung GmbH is building a 3-storey underground car park incl. parking garage on the former gravel parking area south of the Messe Center Graz and Fröhlichgasse. Superstructure. For the construction of the underground connection of the existing underground car park of exhibition hall A and the future underground car park of the MQG building, two construction phases with use of the street area of Fröhlichgasse are planned.

PLANUM was commissioned with the traffic organization planning of the two traffic management phases, the required VLSA infrastructure and the signal projects for the implementation of the fully traffic-dependent VLSA. In a catalog of measures with overview and detailed plans, all necessary measures for the road operator, Messe Graz, the professional and company fire department and the executing construction company were summarized and divided into categories.

The design of the temporary push button installation was carried out in coordination with the two traffic management phases. For the two construction phases, a push button facility will be erected east of the junction “Fröhlichgasse – access MCG – access – MQG construction site” to allow pedestrians to cross Fröhlichgasse safely with the south side sidewalk closed and trade fair visitors to access the trade fair grounds from the temporary parking area “Kulmer-Gründe”.

In the future, traffic access will be provided via a 3-arm signalized intersection on the western side and via a 4-arm signalized intersection on the eastern side of the development. In coordination with the road operator and Messe Graz, a concept for the operation of a traffic guidance system depending on trade fair events will be developed and implemented. Special consideration is given to bicycle and pedestrian traffic as well as public traffic along Fröhlichgasse and in the area of the two intersections.

General plan Fröhlichgasse with DKA location (Source: Integral ZT, Mod.: PLANUM)

Traffic routing phases 7a and 7b (Source: Integral ZT, Mod.: Büro PLANUM)

(VLSA infrastructure of VLSA 0721 “Fröhlichgasse – MQG West”)

(VLSA infrastructure of VLSA 0722 “Fröhlichgasse – MQG East”)

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Florian Simetsberger