Cross Alpine Freight Transport 2024 (CAFT24)

CAFT and Planum

For more than 20 years, Austria, in close cooperation with France and Switzerland, has been surveying transalpine freight transport (in English: Cross Alpine Freight Transport, or CAFT for short) every five years in order to obtain information on the development of cross-border freight transport. The Planum office was commissioned by the BMK for the project. The quality assurance body is AustriaTech.

In the implementation phase, truck drivers will be surveyed between January 2024 and December 2024 at various locations spread across the entire territory of Austria. The trucks are directed out of traffic by ASFINAG/police/ÖWD at the locations and then questioned by the surveyors. In this process, each site has a predefined minimum number of interviews that must be achieved within the implementation phase. In addition, there is a high demand for data quality, which requires a high degree of accuracy and reliability on the part of the surveyors. In addition to the surveys, traffic counts are sometimes conducted at sites on state highways.


6 survey sites are assigned to the Graz deployment point (see map). A survey calendar will be sent to the surveyors, indicating the days on which the survey will be conducted at each site and who will be assigned to the survey. Depending on the location and survey day, between 1 – 3 persons are on site as surveyors.

In addition to the survey personnel, ASFINAG/police/ÖWD will be on site at the sites, responsible for diverting the trucks and ensuring the safety of the surveyors.

Questionnaire & Survey Diary

Tablets will be provided to the respondents for conducting the interviews. Depending on the number of survey personnel at the site, spare tablets may also be carried. A questionnaire with predefined questions, all of which are mandatory fields, serves as the basis for the survey. It is not possible to skip questions in order to keep the number of unevaluable interviews as low as possible. The questionnaire consists of the three subject areas “General”, “Route” and “Vehicle”.
The surveyors keep a survey diary in which they have to enter general information about the location, survey day and breaks as well as special incidents that influence the course of the survey.

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