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In a world that is constantly changing, lifelong learning is more than just a buzzword – it’s a necessity. This is especially true in dynamic areas such as sustainable mobility, where technologies, best practices and societal expectations are continuously evolving. At PLANUM, we take this challenge seriously and actively invest in the further training of our employees.

Mobility is a complex ecosystem, and walking is increasingly recognized as an important component, not just something you do. In order to meet this growing demand, Climate Alliance Austria has developed a specialized pedestrian traffic course. This intensive program, spread over 2×2 days, covers a wide range of topics – from the psychology of pedestrian traffic to innovative approaches to urban planning.

Our employee Paul Matteo Kofler has successfully completed the first part of the course. For us, this is a reason to celebrate and another step towards sustainable urban development. The participation underlines the importance of young people’s contribution to the mobility transition and represents a generation that is actively working to shape a sustainable future!

The knowledge gained in the course is of great value to us. They enable us to enrich our projects and initiatives in the field of sustainable mobility with fresh ideas and proven methods. We are more prepared than ever to develop innovative and effective solutions to the complex challenges of modern urban mobility.

We look forward to incorporating this newly acquired knowledge into our future projects!

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Paul Kofler