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Urban Gardening – Creative Gardening in the City

Prominently located, Griesplatz 2 in Graz was until 2018 only traffic and “residual green space” and dog run. On the busy traffic junction, the location as a garden is almost absurd, but still possible. With a degree of sealing of almost 60 %, it shows what is feasible under unfavorable conditions – heat, traffic noise and fine dust pollution. ARGE Gries grünt has transformed the square into 225 m² of urban oasis and a place to meet nature, others and oneself. Unexpectedly, one encounters garden features such as site-appropriate and diverse planting – flowering perennials, vegetables, snack fruits, herbs and woody plants that are allowed to develop freely, “wild corner “, mulch from grass clippings and gravel as well as self-made seating furniture and insect hotels. The project shows ways to create an attractive, low-threshold green space offer for city residents with little material expenditure and to sensitize the public for ecological gardening through simple signage. Whether patient of the nearby Albert Schweitzer Clinic Garden Group, passer-by, tourist and resident, young or old – all can relax and communicate here. The volunteer work of various district residents and the support of resident business owners through in-kind goods attests to the growing attachment to the garden. Green space as a mere beautification measure for the city is thus giving way to more urgent tasks.

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