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These two areas of work form essential focal points of PLANUM’s expertise. The department is under the expertise of Franziska SPRACHMANN and Karoline SCHÖN.

The tasks cover a wide range of work from the processing of submission projects for residential, commercial and industrial buildings to environmental impact assessments and interdisciplinary issues in international research projects. The simulation of the noise situation for a planned development and use or for a road or railroad line are the typical fields of application of the simulation software IMMI in the respective current version. The model is calibrated using representative measurements. The predicted sound immissions can be used to optimize the arrangement of building structures or to dimension building components according to sound engineering requirements.

Figure 1: Noise study as the basis for a development plan

In the EU co-funded project CEFRABID we are investigating with partners from Poland, Spain and Cyprus the shielding and reflection effects of the combination of sound insulation and photovoltaic elements, as well as the optimization of sound insulation and energy generation.

Figure 2 CEFRABID project

Figure 3: Use of the acoustic camera for building analysis


For complex acoustic situations and for the renovation of residential and commercial buildings, or for the optimization of shielding measures, our Acoustic Camera is used. For example, locations with low insulating properties or highly reflective surfaces can be analyzed. For vehicles and machines, the main noise sources are identified and problem-oriented noise control measures are developed on this basis.


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